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1980s Tech 21 Sansamp Original Vintage

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€300,00 EUR
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€300,00 EUR

1980s Tech 21 Sansamp Original Vintage in 9/10 shape. This is an original vintage unit from the 80s not the reissue “Classic” pedal – its’ the real deal! Huge range of overdrive/distortion sounds.

Though the SansAmp technology by Tech 21 has given birth to many other pieces of gear, there's only one Classic. The SansAmp Classic is a distortion pedal with only four knobs that give rise to nearly countless permutations of tone or sound. Starting with three preamp styles, Marshall-style, Mesa-Boogie Style, and Fender-style, leading all the way to simple drive controls, including 8 super unique character modes, the SansAmp Classic demonstrates why it revolutionized Tech 21's entire product line. Smooth overdrive to the crunchiest distortion can all come out of this small box.

  • 8 character switches for sculpting tonality, harmonics and dynamics (Mid-Boost I, Mid-Boost II, Low Drive, Clean Amp, Bright Switch, Vintage Tubes, Speaker Edge and Close Miking)
  • 3-position input switch gives you a choice of preamp styles: Lead (Marshall-style), Normal (Mesa Boogie-style), and Bass (Fender-style)
  • 4 knob controls shape pre-amp/presence drive, power amp drive, volume and high tone.
  • Recreate the natural sound of tube amplifiers