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2015 Gibson Les Paul 100 SG Cherry Red

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2015 Gibson Les Paul 100 SG Cherry Red (Les Paul 100th Anniversary Model) in Cherry Red in nice clean shape.

Setting the Standard In Tone

Gibson's 2015 SG Standard electric solidbody guitar is your key to unlocking classic rock tone. Covered '57 Classic humbuckers, a super-fast slim neck, and a lightweight mahogany body are what you expect in an SG Standard. But with the conveniences of modern technology, Gibson made enhancements focused solely on making your playing experience with this iconic axe easier than ever. From the wider fretboard giving you more room to rock to the always-there connection in the improved cable jack, Gibson sets a new standard in playability while making sure you get the iconic voice and personality of their classic electric solidbody guitar - the SG Standard.

Gibson 2015 SG Standard Electric Solidbody Guitar at a Glance:

  • Gibson's 2015 updates offer enhanced playability
  • G-Force technology keeps you in perfect tune
  • '57 Classic humbuckers deliver spot-on PAF tone plus single-coil spank
  • Rock royalty's instrument of choice

Gibson's 2015 updates offer enhanced playabilityComfort and playability were two of Gibson's primary concerns when they were designing this 2015 SG Standard solidbody electric guitar. This guitar's neck and fretboard are .050" wider on each side, making bends and vibrato much easier on its outer strings. Speaking of this SG's silky-smooth fretboard, it's now sanded and buffed to perfection with an all-new oil treatment, making it easy for you to display your fast fretwork. Also, Gibson's new patent-pending Zero Fret Nut and Tune-o-matic bridge can be easily adjusted with a hex key if your action is too high - no filing necessary. The Gibson SG Standard plays even better than ever, thanks to a new PLEK process and a new lower fret wire.

G-Force technology keeps you in perfect tuneGibson took the best of their Min-Etune tuning system and made it the most convenient and powerful tuning tool the guitar world has ever seen: G-Force. Revolutionary in its capabilities, G-Force takes 1-strum tuning to the next level by giving you the same ease getting your guitar into an alternate tunings such as drop D. And unlike any other onboard tuning system available, G-Force technology allows you to calibrate the tuner to an external source to put you in perfect tune with everyone in the band.

'57 Classic humbuckers deliver spot-on PAF tone plus single-coil spankThe pickups that Gibson gave their 2015 SG Standard electric guitars are as true to the sound of the original 1961 model as it gets. That's because Gibson originally engineered their '57 Classic humbuckers to capture the warmth, smooth playing dynamics, and overall character of their breakthrough PAFs. When you think of the slightly rude sound of classic rock, you're already imagining the fat, snarling tone you'll hear when you play your SG Standard through a tube amp cranked to 11. But that's not all - this SG is fitted with push-pull volume pots that spilt the pickup coils, letting you add single-coil spank to your tonal repertoire.

Rock royalty's instrument of choiceWhether you're after the Iron Man heavy chunk of Tommy Iommi or the blues tone of Derek Trucks, the Gibson SG Standard has it. In fact, you can find a guitar god in every genre that has made their mark behind the iconic tone of an SG. Onstage at Woodstock in the hands of Santana, Cream-era Eric Clapton - even the classic scene of an SG being splintered into pieces against the stage by Pete Townshend - the SG is a true piece of rock 'n roll history in tone, looks, and spirit.

Gibson SG Standard Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • G-Force tuning technology keeps you in tune and makes alternate tunings easy
  • Zero Fret Nut allows unparalleled ease in adjusting your action
  • New wider neck and fingerboard - .050" per side - for increased playing comfort
  • New Tune-o-matic bridge with hex wrench adjustment on thumbscrews for easy action adjustments
  • Accurate intonation thanks to the new PLEK program with 27% lower fret wire
  • Sanded/buffed fingerboard and new oil treatment for smooth fretting
  • 1-piece thicker rosewood fingerboard gives you great sustain and durability
  • Pearl inlays for classic SG looks
  • More robust cables for improved signal
  • New improved jack design for uninterrupted signal
  • Commemorative 100 logo on the headstock celebrating Les Paul's 100th birthday
  • Les Paul Hologram for authenticity and a tribute to the man
  • Hardshell case on all models

Get legendary rock tone and modern technology with the Gibson SG Standard!