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Hofner Bass 500/1 1963 Made in Spain

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The Hofner Violin Bass 500/1 is closely associated with Paul McCartney and the Beatles. Paul's use of this bass in the early '60s propelled Hofner sales and turned the 500/1 into an absolutely iconic instrument. When German-made Hofner instruments were distributed in the United Kingdom, they were given model names to go along with their model numbers, and the 500/1 was dubbed the Violin Bass. It is also commonly referred to as the Beatles Bass. This design has been imitated by a number of other makers since including Vox and Greco.

The bass was designed by Walter Höfner in 1955 and first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in the spring of 1956. It seems that Walter's intention was to produce a bass guitar that would be appealing to players of the upright bass (double bass) who no longer wanted to carry such a big heavy instrument around to play in beat and jazz groups. He also designed the bass so that the construction method would be familiar to the workers at Höfner who had been making violins for decades. So we got a bass that has the style and shape not unlike a classical stringed instrument and built in much the same way, hollow bodied, arched topped and a set in neck. Walter used components from the Höfner electric guitar line and adpated these for the bass, so it got the familiar ebony bridge, the wire tailpiece, the oval control panel, the black bar pickups. He had used all of these on his Club guitars the year before.

  • Semi-hollow bound maple body
  • Spruce top
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • glued-in neck
  • two pickups
  • dot inlays
  • three tone switches and two control knobs

Features new to the year of production: The neck gets white binding and the decal logo is replaced by a 3D white and gold plastic logo